Missouri winery for saleMeramec Vineyards Looking For A Successor – Owner Retiring 

Some 33 years after Phyllis Meagher left the corporate world in Chicago, purchased a vineyard in Missouri and 15 years after starting the winery, Meramec Vineyards, she is looking to find a successor.   “While running a winery is a blast, there comes a time when the birthdays keep adding up and can’t be ignored.  I know Meramec Vineyards would do well with a younger and newer set of hands to guide her,” she said.  “It’s time for me to retire.”  Recognizing that a smooth transition could require her to work and consult for a full annual cycle with the new owner, she decided to put the winery up for sale “while I still have some time and energy left to help with any transition”.

There is someone out there who wants to enjoy the winery life and the fascinating experiences and satisfactions this lifestyle provides.   Tell your friends.  Tell everyone.  Spread the word.  Tell them about this wonderful opportunity in our community.  We in St. James have a long history making history in the Missouri wine industry.  Let’s make sure we build on that.”

Have you started dreaming yet?  Check out all the particulars by contacting Phyllis at the winery.  573-265-7847 or mervine@fidnet.com