Is there a cost to participate?

-No.  Wineopoly cards are free to use and a great way to get additional discounts on cases of wine and receive fabulous rewards along the way!

Is there an expiration date for the Wineopoly card?

-NO.  Once you complete your card your future purchases are at the 25% off rate.  You can continue to earn more rewards as you move around your card again.

Is the card transferable?
-No.  The card may not be given to a friend/co-worker if you move out of state, etc.

Can my spouse use my card?

-Yes.  Spouses are more than welcome to share the same card and earn rewards together.

What about my friend and me?
-No. Each person has to have his/her own card.

Can I receive multiple rewards at once?

-Yes.  If you purchase two cases your first visit, you would receive a logo corkscrew, two logo wine glasses, and a six bottle wine tote with your purchase.

Does the Wineopoly discount apply to purchases that are shipped?

-Yes.  The discount applies towards the cost of the wine, but does NOT apply towards the cost of shipping.

What if I forget my card?  Can I still receive my discount?

-Yes.  This is why we keep a copy in the store.  If you forget your Wineopoly card, we will just mark our copy and you can bring yours in to be marked on your next visit.