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Wine Descriptions and Pricing

  • Missouri Norton 2007
    • State grape of MO. Aka Cynthiana. Fully developed Norton. Aged ten years in oak. $32/bottle; $12/glass
  • Missouri Norton 2016
    • Smooth Norton, aged in oak for 12 months. $25/bottle; $9.50/glass
  • Ozark Heritage Red
    • Blended Norton wine. Features Stark Star Grape, a hybrid of Norton and Catawba, used in Port or dessert style wines. Port-like finish. $17/bottle; $6/glass
  • Missouri Chambourcin
    • Medium body red wine featuring the complex Chambourcin grape. Cherry notes and smooth, peppery finish. Great with substantial beef dinners or enjoyed by a fire with a cigar for an after dinner wine. $19/bottle; $8/glass
  • Silvio’s Red
    • Authentic Italian red blended wine. Fruity with vinaigrette finish. Served room temperature or chilled. Pairs well with pasta or in red sauce to deepen the flavor. $16/bottle; $6/glass
  • Norton 2017
    • Fruit forward example of Norton grape. Never aged. Complex with clove finish. $22/bottle; $9/glass
  • New World Red
    • Sweet red blended wine with Concord, Chambourcin, Catawba, and St. Vincent grapes. $14/bottle; $5/glass
  • Sweet Cat
    • Fruity blush style wine featuring the Catawba grape. Sweetest wine available at 18% residual sugar. $14/bottle; $5/glass
  • Missouri Vidal Blanc
    • Herbaceous, crisp white wine. Stainless steel finish. $18/bottle; $8/glass
  • Missouri Chardonel
    • Medium body dry white wine, with apple and pear aromas. $21/bottle; $9/glass
  •  Missouri Vignoles
    • Semi-dry white wine, tropical flavors with balanced acidity. $18/bottle; $8/glass
  • New World White
    • Sweet white wine featuring Niagra grape at its fullest ripening. True to grape flavor from the vine. $14/bottle, $5/glass

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