Dry and Semi Dry Whites

Bistro Gold

bistro gold scanned cropped

A subtle and mellow blend of white grapes including Seyval and Vignoles.
Between 0 -.5% residual sugar. $12.95/bottle

Bistro White

bistro white scanned and cropped
A little off dry, this wine, a blend of Cayuga and Vidal grapes, is crisp and delicate with a subtle hint
of sweetness in the finish. A blend of Cayuga and Vidal grapes. 1% residual sugar. $11.95/bottle


Luscious semi-dry white wine with delicate, subtle flavors, lovely aroma and finish. 2% residual sugar. $12.95/bottle

Dry and Semi-Dry Reds
Chambourcin front label cropped scan
A medium bodied wine with distinct peppery notes from the Chambourcin grape.. Rich and luscious. $14.95/bottle $6/glass

Bistro Red

A medium bodied dry red wine made from a blend of grapes including Chambourcin and St. Vincent. Lightly aged in oak. $14.95/bottle $6/glass

Ozark Heritage Red

ozarkheritagered front
A dry version of our Norton and Stark Star blend. Fruity with complicated flavors. The strong structure of the Norton compliments the lighter Stark Star with its fruity characteristics. $12.95/bottle $5/glass


nort 08 scanned cropped
A full bodied wine with bright, complex flavors. Aged in oak. This vintage has some dark berry flavors. $23.95/bottle/ $7/glass

Silvio’s Red

FED Silvio Front
The semi sweet version of our blend of the Norton and Stark Star grapes. The Stark Star itself is a cross of the Norton and the Catawba. In this wine you can taste a slight fruitiness from the Stark Star’s Catawba heritage with the underlying structure of the Norton. It is 2% residual sugar but doesn’t taste sweet as that is mollified by the Norton tannins. Great with pork and dishes with red sauce. $12.95/bottle $5/glass

Semi-Sweet Whites and Reds

Celebration White

celebration white front

A semi-sweet blend of white wine grapes including Cayuga and Seyval. Not too sweet. Not too dry. Very popular. About 4% residual sugar. $11.95/bottle $5/glass

Catawba Blush

catawba blush scanned cropped
A semi-sweet fruity wine from the tangy Catawba grape. Missouri’s version of “white zin”. 5% residual sugar. $10.95/bottle $5/glass

Tony’s Blend

A light bodied semi sweet red wine blend. Very pleasant. $10.95/bottle $5/glass

Classic Concord

classic concord cropped scanned
The delightfully fruity wine made from the grape that got our area its start during prohibition. Grapes from a vineyard planted in 1921 are in this wine! We choose to make this Concord not too sweet. 4% residual sugar. $10.95/bottle $5/glass

Sweet Wines
New World Red

2 NWRED_3X4 5
A sweet blend of Concord and Catawba grapes. These grapes know how to blend and make a winner. 8% residual sugar. $9.95/bottle $4/glass

New World White

NWW FINAL cropped to frame
Made primarily from the Niagara grape. 8% residual sugar. $9.95/bottle $4/glass

Sweet Cat

1.2 FINAL Sweet Cat
A sweet version of the Catawba Blush wine. This is our sweetest wine at 10% residual sugar. $9.95/bottle $4/glass

Specialty Wines
Harvest Moon

2 LO REV Pumpkin FRONT
Our “pumpkin” wine. This is a blend of white wines with pumpkin spices added. Just a taste makes you think of fall and Thanksgiving and holiday celebrations. Some people like it chilled. Others like to warm it a little like a cider. A dessert wine. 11% residual sugar. $12.95/bottle $6/glass.


A sweet red wine with mulling spices. Very nice when served warmed. A dessert wine. Definitely one to enjoy after dinner in front of the fire. 9% residual sugar $12.95 $6/glass.

Dessert Wine
Stark’s Star

1.2 Stark's Star
Stark’s Star is a sweet “port style” wine made from the Stark Star grape. The Stark Star grape developed in the late 1880’s is itself a cross of the Norton and the Catawba. The Norton heritage adds intensity, a complex structure and richness, the Catawba heritage brings a fruitiness to this dessert wine.This wine is lighter than some ports in color and we made it not too sweet. The 8% residual sugar gives it just the right amount of sweetness with the 18% alcohol. Very nice for a fortified wine in the “port style“. $24.95/bottle $7/glass.