a casual evening of wine, music, food amidst the ambiance of a small winery.


Frequently asked questions:

When is the next Wine Down Friday?
In the past Wine Down Friday has run from May through October.  The schedule for 2018 has not been set.

Check in with the new owners about their plans for Wine Down Friday.

Do you have outside or inside seating?
We have both.  Our musician plays inside in the 900 sq. ft. “atrium room” which is air-conditioned. A large double door opens onto the patio where there is more seating.  Some people like to sit outside when the weather is nice.  It is easier to carry on conversations with your friends and still listen to the music.

How can I find out who is playing?
We post the musicians on our website.  Also, follow us on Facebook.  We post reminders of who is playing.

What about the menu?
It is posted on our website.  Look under events tab for the Wine Down Friday.

You can sign up for our newsletter and get updates and reminders on the menu and music for our Wine Down Fridays.