Meramec Vineyards is in the Ozark Highlands viticultural area, where Maramec Spring spawns its trout and pours fresh water into the Meramec River (Meramec has a few different spellings) as it flows on to join Mark Twain’s Mississippi downstream from the St. Louis Arch.  Italian settlers with their old world heritage of vines and wines established vineyards on this Ozark plateau just before the start of the 20th century.  In the late 1960’s a resurgence of Missouri’s grape and wine industry drew more people to the world of vines and wines.  Meramec Vineyards was founded in 1980 by Phyllis Meagher who purchased a 15 acres Concord vineyard first planted in 1921 by the Tessaros, one of the original Italian families.

    Meramec Vineyards continued to grow this quintessential American grape, the Concord.  At first the Concords were sold to home wine and juice makers, supermarkets and even in a roadside grape stand, the traditional way of grape growers in the area as well as other wineries.  Soon, we began producing our own brand of grape juices from native American varieties, the Concord, Catawba and Niagara.

    Meramec Vineyards fostered a dream to produce the full expression of the grapevine – wine.

   We began a major expansion in 1998 with new wine grape plantings and building a tasteful and inviting processing and retail building on Interstate 44 (formerly Route 66’s course) three miles from the vineyards.  We also planted more vineyards with varieties prized for wine.  We began to put the grapes into wine and no longer produced the grape juices.  Currently, we present for your enjoyment 18 wines from grapes grown in our vineyards.

   The winery setting as well as our wines attracts visitors to stop and enjoy the fruit of the vine and the work of human hands.

     Visitors can tour and taste, enjoy the bistro, a gift shop of wine and food related items, purchase original art from local artists and enjoy our garden area and see where Missouri’s wine and grape history is celebrated.  

   Meramec Vineyards hosts special events throughout the year as well as their Wine Down Friday from May through October, an evening of wine, music, food and good times.  Check the events page for what’s going on.