Meramec Vineyards Norton
Four Vintage Vertical Tasting Notes

What is a vertical tasting?
A vertical wine tasting is surveying wines based on vintage years and is a nifty way of experiencing just how unique every year can be in the world of wine.

A vertical tasting is conducted by tasting one wine varietal (type of grape) from the same producer (that’s us – Meramec Vineyards) from several vintages. (A wine’s vintage refers to the year that the wine’s grapes were harvested.)  You will get a better feel for a particular winery’s varietal style and composition with this type of tasting. You can also see how unique weather patterns may affect the grapes from one year to the next.

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Norton ‘09

This is a nicely aged Norton. It is smooth as it should be after aging eight years. It has a slight woody aroma with some figs suggestion. Great earth tones with a slight hint of wood smoke. There is a long finish.


Norton ‘10

Nice aroma. Subtle flavors and smooth tannins. There is a red currant note and some floral hint but mostly a tart fruit yet some sweetness in that fruit. Smooth. Definitely a long finish.


Norton ‘11

Balanced. A little spicy note on the nose. Pretty color. It really develops in the mouth. Long, dry finish.


Norton ‘13

Lighter body and less tannic than the other Norton vintages. Fresh, fruity and balanced. Some earthy tones, too.


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