Guest Chef Gourmet Dinner Series
Together with a Guest Chef we develop the menu.  Our emphasis is Farm To Table – featuring locally produced food (and wine!).  We try to choose recipes that call for a talented chef  to made it happen.  This is cooking that you usually wouldn’t (or couldn’t) do at home.  Something out of the ordinary.  We like a new take on food combinations and flavors.
Our format:
The menu is Prix Fixe – in the $30-$50 range.
Seating begins at 5:45.
Last seating 7:45.
Reservations are required.
Seating is limited.
Special wine/food pairing for each course $10/person.
Guest Chef August Rolufs

August Rolufs was our featured Chef for the June 17 Dinner.  He has been working on a Food and Beverage Specialty in the Hospitality Management Program at Mizzou where he will enter his last semester this fall. His Sous Chef was Endi Rolufs, his wife, who is a talented pastry chef and also knows her way around the food world.  Together they were a team to make us locals proud.
One of our customers said, “I’ve eaten in London.  I’ve eaten in Napa Valley and San Francisco.  I’ve eaten in great restaurants in Mexico City.  This dinner ranks with the best I have had in the world.”


Another remarked that he was especially pleased with the wine/food pairings.  As a feature of the evening, guests were offered a $10 wine/course pairing.  The winemaker and chef picked a wine to accompany each course.

For you who want to know what went down: