Chef at Meramec Vineyards… featuring a small selective menu with tasty food and good wine.  Our bistro is open daily for lunch.

Our wonderful and special cooking keeps people coming back to our Bistro d’Vine.  We make our soups from scratch.  Our greens are organic.  The bread is freshly baked.  We have vegetarian and vegan options.  Among the entrées is our crustless quiche – a true signature entrée.  This alone garners many repeat customers.

Then there are the appetizers, salads, and sandwiches, too.

Desserts:  Crème Brulee, Cherry Cobbler, Chocolate Mini Cakes, and Cheesecake.  These are the most asked for.

We invented guilt-free desserts because we serve them not only in a regular but also a small size that are just a couple bites … for those days when you want the “sweet finish” but not all the calories.