#grapelife Behind the Vine Blog


2 am. Most everyone is sleeping. So why am I awake? Life is busy. We are grateful. Late nights mean quiet time to collect my thoughts, review the day, see how we can make things better, improve our guests visits, work on responding to emails, update social media, and make our website more informative, more meaningful, think of new ideas, embrace the silence.

Nearly 6 months into this venture…. Wow! One year ago we had just completed the negotiations into buying and starting on this wild ride. Nearly daily I hear, “What got you started?” I jokingly blame my better half, but really we feel it was a dream and vision placed on our hearts by God. A vision that only He could have pieced together. The whole process has been an interesting one, one that has tested our faith to the limit, but we have persevered and come out so blessed this far. Each twist and turn, each delay, each business contact, I see the work of God. About 6 weeks ago, I ended my nursing career. A career I LOVED! I came on full time at the winery. I believe God has a funny sense of humor and his timing is always perfect, even if in the moment seems like bad luck. Fast forward 6 days after my last day at a local clinic, and BOOM! my husband’s job suddenly ends. New company decided to go a different route. Most people would be terrified. After a brief second of fear that I couldn’t allow, I just had to laugh it off, trusting the process, that this was how it was supposed to work out from the beginning. 10 days later he accepted a position in town. We have not worked in the same town in nearly a decade; we had both previously been commuting different directions, and seeing each other briefly before work and at bedtime. Now the kids & I enjoy seeing DAD (One of his best roles) at lunch, bringing him treats and loving the weekends together, even at the winery, where work is family, and family comes to work. You have probably seen a little girl serving you crackers or water, and a boy sweeping up the floors. They are our future, just like your children. We love that Sundays have become a day you can bring your family and enjoy some time together, unplugged. Really in the moment, with good food and fun games. Back last March, that’s what motivated us to jump on this opportunity, family. A chance to be in business together, sharing a passion and drive and a dream, to make this a family destination, and fun place where families can reconnect, parents can enjoy a nice evening, couples can have a date night, friends can visit, and everyone leaves happy.

Thanks for giving us a chance. The last nearly 6 months have been a magical and inspiring time.

With heartfelt love and appreciation,

Michelle & Joe