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Spring in the Vineyard - 2014

Ah, Spring.  You are welcome here.  No more upsets, please.

Like many Missouri residents, we weren't sure if Spring would ever come to stay.  When winter decided to return with freezing temperatures in April, we fretted.  Fortunately even though our thermometer showed lows of 27 degrees during that last winter blast, some varieties like our Norton were still dormant and thus, safe.  Others, though, had begun to come to life with the warmer temperatures of early April.  The sap was rising and buds were just beginning to swell.  We remembered with dread the great Easter freeze of 2007 when winter came back with lows of 20 degrees after buds had already pushed.  This time though the buds were not far enough exposed to get nipped by the freeze and the temperatures weren't as dire.

Here at the beginning of May, the shoots are nearly a foot length on some varieties.  Bloom is not far away.

It's time to start mowing the vineyard.

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